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Swap Battlegrounds During Play - Double Winning Chances
Date: 6-03-2008 | Posted By: Matrix223 | Category: PVP Guides
Interested in doubling your chances to win in any of the battlegrounds? Well, this isn't exact science but it will help you save some time when trying to win a few in the battlegrounds by providing a short window of opportunity to swap out of your loosing game.This is a tacti...
Warsong Gulch Sacrificial Flag Capturing - Delaying The Enemy
Date: 5-06-2008 | Posted By: Matrix223 | Category: PVP Guides
When a Warsong gulch match starts, if you are one of the first people out of the gate, veer to the the left and approach oncoming enemies.Often times this leads to a gap of time till when your own flag is captured. Especially if you have zero defense. A lot, or most of the oppo...
Target Prioritization - Class Kill Order
Date: 5-06-2008 | Posted By: Matrix223 | Category: PVP Guides
When it comes down to it. There are two types of classes. Those that do more physical damage like warriors and rouges and those that rock at elemental damage (mages and warlocks). I know I've left a few out there but you get the picture. Depending on what class you're playin...
Fastest Path to the Flag in Warsong Gulch
Date: 4-19-2008 | Posted By: Matrix223 | Category: PVP Guides
In Warsong gulch, take the road which allows you the quickest path to the flag. Anytime you are approaching the opposing factions flag, taking the tunnel will prove much slower than if you road up and around. You are not only setting yourself closer to the flag when you dismou...
Path Blocking Techniques in Alterac Valley
Date: 4-19-2008 | Posted By: Matrix223 | Category: PVP Guides
One of the easiest ways to slow up your opposing teams approach is to to send out a group of 5-7 and have them stand at certain intervals between flags they need to reach. Especially in bottlenecked areas where there is only one way to pass through. Why? Because most are dumb ...
Snowballs Tactics In Alterac Valley - PVP AV Battlegrounds
Date: 4-12-2008 | Posted By: Matrix223 | Category: PVP Guides
Snowballs! Oh what fun the winter seasons can bring. This is more of a toy that blizzard added into the game. Originally you could only make snowballs if you were an engineer and had the proper schematic and material. You can find more details about that on the showball Thot...
Warsong Gulch Quick Flag Grab And Blocking
Date: 4-11-2008 | Posted By: Matrix223 | Category: PVP Guides
This might be obvious but I'm surprised how many people never put it into practice. When starting a new Warsong Gulch match, the quickest path to picking up the flag is to hang to the right and go up the top path rather than through the tunnel. Even if the game hasn't just s...