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Interested in doubling your chances to win in any of the battlegrounds? Well, this isn't exact science but it will help you save some time when trying to win a few in the battlegrounds by providing a short window of opportunity to swap out of your loosing game.

This is a tactic which you simply join all the battlegrounds and whichever one popped up first is the one you go into. Then a while later another one that you previously joined up for will be ready and provide you with an option to leave if your current team/game isn't up to par.

Things to check for during your "window of opportunity".

  1. Peoples Gear - When I see a group in Eye of the Storm with everyone of them wearing all purples, then its time to get your rock on. If I'm in Arathi Basin and most of my teammates have greens and blues, then its time to move on to the next battleground.
  2. Time of Day - If you've been playing a particular battleground a few times in a row on the same day, you'll be able to get a good gauge of the what the gear/skill is of the opposing faction that is playing right now. If you see a lot of losing (or winning games) this might impact your decision on the other conditions listed here.
  3. Even Teams - If you enter a game and the gates are opening with half the teammates as your enemy then that's a clear sign to use switch out of that game. Sometimes being 1 or 2 short in a Warsong Gulch battleground could mean a lot of wasted efforts even if you have a lot of other things going for you!
  4. Buffs and Food/Stone summons - Generally a group that buffs up early on is a group that is a little more into the game and will go that extra mile during their game play to try and win. People aren't just entering the game to run around and simply auto swing/shoot.
  5. Level Check - This one only applies to everyone below 70 and to 70's only in Alterac Valley. Check the level of your teammates. Are they close to the battleground cut? If too many of them just hit 20,30,40 etc. and you're 29, 39, 49 etc. then those teammates are weaker and playing in the battleground a little too early to be effective.

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