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our reputation affects how monsters or creatures will interact with you. There are several reputation levels. You can check your current reputation by hitting "C" for your character screen, and then clicking on the reputation tab. KOS means "kill-on-sight."

Revered Special reputation level reserved for special heroes
Honored 10% discount on bought items from vendors
Friendly Standard reputation level for factions on a player’s team
Neutral Standard reputation level for factions not on a player’s team that are not KOS
Unfriendly Cannot buy, sell, or interact
Hostile KOS
Hated KOS; all opposing team factions are set permanently to the lowest level here

Affecting one faction can potentially ripple through and affect others that are connected. Killing a goblin in Gadgetzan will anger the goblins of Ratchet and Booty Bay, for example.

How can I change my reputation?

-Complete certain quests
-Kill certain monsters


  • The Horde and Alliance are each considered a team, and the four races comprising each team are considered factions. The four starting racial factions for each team are displayed under the appropriate team's header.
  • The factions of the opposing team are always at the lowest reputation level of Hated, and are always locked in the "At War" state.
  • Players have a bonus to their starting reputation with their own race's faction.
  • Undead Forsaken players have lower-than-normal starting reputation with their team's Troll, Tauren, and Orc factions.
  • Troll, Tauren, and Orc players have lower than normal starting reputation with their team's Forsaken faction.
  • You cannot declare war on any of your own team's factions.

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