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posted by: Matrix223

During the beta, Blizzard accidentally included a Linux binary of World of Warcraft that worked perfectly. Unfortunately, for whatever reason after that version it was never seen again. They were clearly experimenting with Linux though. It's a shame they never released it that way.

At any rate, I have seen it run on Linux in various Windows emulators before.

Looks like it works under the latest version of Wine using OpenGL with Raphael's Pbuffer patch:
Here's another article:

Oh yeah, be sure to sign this petition for a WoW port to Linux:

By the looks of it, World of Warcraft does not run with 100% stability on Linux but is playable. Hopefully those links will help you out in exploring this further.

It is also possible to run wow on linux. WineX/Cedega supports wow fully. very good program for a very low price. Normally I copy programs but these guys deserve some cash their way so I bought a subscription for it.

Let us know in the forums what your results.

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