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First off, Here's the original ones in case you loose them and need to change them back.

US version:
set realmlist

European version:
set realmlist

World Of Warcraft without the subscription fee...
Before I start, note that we do not condone doing this.  People have many private servers up as I'm sure you may be aware of and Blizzard has been cracking down on a lot of them.  Either forced to shut down or brought into a criminal lawsuit.  It would be a wise idea for Blizzard to put up a single server like these, but have it be limited with "Demo" abilities so the game can at least be trialed unlimitedly.  Bet that would calm some people down with all the free servers!

1. Get can borrow it from a friend or have it yourself, either one is just as good.
2. Get it installed on your computer (all four discs of course.)
3. IMPORTANT:  Do not open WOW will have to start all over if you do.
4. Get the proper patch for the server you're planning to use.  Often times a site will provide a link for you to the patch they are using.
5. Go to your world of warcraft folder
6. Go to the file ""
7. Open it with notepad.
8. When it is opened it should say set realmlist to us.logon.....blah blah blah
9. REPLACE ALL OF THIS with set realmist
10. Save and close.
11. Now lets recap: installed WoW, didn't open it, got the 1.8.0 patch, changed the, save and closed....
12. You may have already created an account with the private server...If not use their registering process now to get one.
13. After that NOW you may open up WoW, use your account and login through the game.

Remember, these servers are unofficial and not supported by blizzard.  So don't call for tech support or you'll look like an ass.

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