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 /assist [name] - Assist your target or the named unit if specified
 Using Items:
 /use <itemname>
 /use <slot>
 /use <bagid> <bagslot>
 /equip <itemname>
 /equipslot <slot> <itemname>
 /userandom <item1>, <item2>, item3, …
 /petautocaston <spell>
 /petautocastoff <spell>
 /cast [option] <Spell Name>
 /castrandom <Spell Name>, <Spell Name2>, …
 /castsequence [reset=N/target/combat/shift/alt/ctrl] <Spell Name1>, <Spell Name2>, …
 Sequenced Casting
 * A new command /castsequence reset=N/target/combat/shift/alt/ctrl spell1, spell2, spell3
 * The reset line can specify a number of seconds after which a sequence resets, or if it should reset on target change or leaving combat.
 * The sequence tracks the 'next' spell in the sequence until it resets, the next spell only advances on a successful cast.
 * You can specify a conditional at the start of the command before the reset to filter whether the sequence is used (You cannot use per-spell conditionals)
 * You can specify items as well as spells
 Action Bars:
 /changeactionbar <num>
 /swapactionbar <num1> <num2>
 /startattack [unit]
 /cancelaura <name>
 /stopmacro [option]


Macros can also work based on a set of options. You can tell the script to do different things depending if the outcome is true or false.

  • # help - Evaluates 'true' if target is friendly
  • # harm - Evaluates 'true' if target is hostile
  • # combat - Evaluates 'true' if you are in combat.
  • # stance or stance:# - Evaluates 'true' if you are in a stance, or are in a particular stance (see below)
  • # stealth - Evaluates 'true' if you are stealthed.
  • # modifier or modifier:shift|ctrl|alt - Evaluates 'true' if the selected key is held down when the command is executed.
  • # equipped:<item> - Evaluates 'true' if item is equipped. Item can be any valid inventory slot, item class or item subclass.
  • # target=<unit> - Special option. It changes the target from the default of "target" to any valid unitid. (see below)
  • # actionbar:<number> - Evaluates 'true' if the current actionbar is the same as the listed one.
  • # pet:<pet type OR pet name> - Evaluates 'true' if the pet exists. Takes pet type (Owl, Bear, Imp) or pet name (Fluffy, MrBigglesworth). With no modifier (i.e. just [pet]) it evaluates 'true' if ANY pet exists.
  • # mounted, swimming, flying - Evaluates 'true' if you are mounted, swimming, or flying, respectively.
  • # indoors, outdoors - Evaluates 'true' if you are indoors or outdoors, respectively.
  • # button:<#> - Evaluates 'true' if the selected button was used to 'click' the spell, defaults to 1 (see below).
  • # channeling:<spell> - Evaluates true if you are channeling the spell listed. With no spell listed, it evaluates true if any spell is being channeled.
  • # exists and dead - Evaluates true if your target is dead, or actually exists.

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