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If you already use Necrosis this might be a waste. Even so the Necrosis bar can be configured to turn off certain options, so maybe this is still helpful? To use it you must hold the modifier button or you can right click to cast the summon spell for each demon. Here is a quick guide:

Left click: FelGuard
Alt-click: Imp
Ctrl-click: Succubus
Shift-click: FelHunter
Right click: Voidwalker

If your Warlock is not demon spec then there is a second version without the FelGuard. Ultimately its easy enough to understand so that you can swap around what key binding controls what. Note the "alt", "ctrl", "shift" denotations.

Demon Spec: 

/cast [nomodifier,nobutton:2] summon felguard;[modifier:alt] summon imp;[modifier:ctrl] summon succubus;[modifier:shift] summon felhunter;[button:2] voidwalker;

Non-Demon Spec:

/cast [nomodifier] summon voidwalker;[modifier:alt] summon imp;[modifier:ctrl] summon succubus;[modifier:shift] summon felhunter;

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