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When a Warsong gulch match starts, if you are one of the first people out of the gate, veer to the the left and approach oncoming enemies.

Often times this leads to a gap of time till when your own flag is captured. Especially if you have zero defense. A lot, or most of the opposing faction will stop and waste valuable time on one person rather than going for the flag.

Use this guide to decide what to do:
If three people stay behind to guard the flag, it wont matter so much if the first two enemies stop to fight you. After three people pass you, you MUST stop some of them or your team will become overwhelmed and there will be no delay. Even if too many sneak past. use any DOT and slow abilities that you have. If you're a warlock its best if you throw several Damage Over Time spells here so they're softened up by the time they get to your flag defenders.

If one or none of your team mates stay behind to guard the flag then you need to stop the first enemy that is coming over to capture your teams flag. Use any kind of slowing spell that you have in your arsenal to keep the rest at bay.

Why does this work well usually? Because even though you're sacrificing yourself you will tend to respawn right after your own flag is captured. In which case you are instantly ready to fight and help your teammates which should be almost mid-field if you've done everything right and stopped the other faction in their tracks long enough. So jump back in there and help again and you won't have too far to go.

This strategy is somewhat dependent on how many people from the opposing team stays behind. More often than not, its a great strategy to use.

Also note, this strategy is only good (and lasting) if your teams skill is at least equal to your opposing team. If its more than that then it just speeds things up. Otherwise it can sometimes give you the edge and demoralize your opponent.

Sometimes a few of their "great" players AFK right away when a first cap happens and can cause their team to become more, if not totally disorganized.

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