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When it comes down to it. There are two types of classes. Those that do more physical damage like warriors and rouges and those that rock at elemental damage (mages and warlocks). I know I've left a few out there but you get the picture. Depending on what class you're playing your order of priority is to kill off the weaker. Which usually also means the type that is most detrimental to you.

Physical dealing classes should go for:
Cloth, then leather, then mail, then plate.

Elemental classes should be dealing damage to:
plate, mail, leather, then cloth.

There are some circumstances in which you want to ignore these rules. For example, when you're in a battle ground, killing a healer is often more beneficial then killing the mage standing right next to the healer.

Also if its quiet obvious there is a 70 rouge in top teir gear and a 65 warrior standing nearby, go for the rouge no matter what class you are.

Further more, use this guide for assumptions if you do not know a players talent build:

Hunter with Silencing Shot = Marksmanship (high DPS, weaker to melee attacks)
Block of Ice = Frost mage (high DPS but more CC/defense than fire)
Dragon Breath = Fire mage (high DPS)
Warrior with 2 weapons - Fury build (medium DPS, high armor)
Warrior or Paladin with a shield = Protection Spec (low DPS, high armor)
Warlock with Siphon Life, Unstable Affliction, or Curse of Exhaustion (Snare) = Affliction (high DPS)
Warlock with Felguard - Demonology (high DPS in the long run but might be overcome in a 1 vs 1)
Warlock using Shadow Bolt constantly - Destruction (high DPS but weak in 1 vs 1)
Druid changing forms a lot - Feral (medium DPS and higher armor)
Druid in Tree of Life form = Restoration (high heals)
Moonkin = Wrath Druid (high DPS)
Shaman with 2 weapons = Enhancement (high DPS, medium-high armor)
Hunter with enraged self or pet = Beast mastery (high DPS, weaker in 1 vs 1)

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