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A lot of times players run through and do the quests (sometimes the easiest part) when grinding up rep. Often it is easier to put those quests to good use after you have grinded rep in every other possible way first. Here is an efficiency guide to help tell in what order to accomplish an exalted rep with each Burning Crusades faction. Also the below guide in in an order for you to achieve exalted rep for each faction in that order. When you start to wrap up one, you can start doing the quests and simultaneously start on the instances for the next.

-Heroic instances should also give rep with the appropriate faction, all the way to exalted.
-"Quests" refer to one-time quests.

Honor Hold
-Honored: Ramparts, Blood Furnace
-Exalted: Quests, Shattered Halls

-Honored: Ramparts, Blood Furnace
-Exalted: Quests, Shattered Halls

Cenarion Expedition
-Honored: Unidentified Plant Parts, Slave Pens, Underbog
-Exalted: Steamvault, Quests, Coilfang Armaments, Uncatalogued Species*
*Uncatalogued Species may randomly come from Unidentified Plant Parts turn-ins

-Friendly: Mana Tombs, More Crystal Fragments, More Heads Full of Ivory
-Honored: Mana Tombs
-Exalted: Quests, Another Heap of Ethereals, More Obsidian Warbeads, Ethereum Prisoner Keys

Lower City
-Honored: Auchenai Crypts, Sethekk Halls, More Feathers
-Exalted: Quests, Shadow Labyrinth

-Honored: Firewing Signets
-Exalted: Arcane tomes, Sunfury Signets, Quests

-Honored: Marks of Kil'Jaeden
-Exalted: Marks of Sargeras, Fel Armaments, Quests

-Honored: Aldor/Scryers turnins
-Exalted: Quests, Tempest Keep

-Friendly: The Sporelings Plight, Bog Lord Tendrils
-Revered: Kill Bog Lords of any variety
-Exalted: Quests, Bring Me Another Shrubbery, Now That We're Still Friends, More Fertile spores

Keepers of Time
-Exalted: Quests*, Old Hillsbrad, Black Morass
*Note that their quests are worth approximately 13k rep in all

Scale of the Sands
-Friendly: The Vials of Eternity quest
-Exalted: CoT: Battle of Mount Hyjal

-Neutral: Quest line (starts with "Kindness" in Shadowmoon Valley)
Note: Must have 300 Riding Skill to continue <-
-Friendly: A Slow Death, Netherdust Pollen, Netherwing Crystal, Not So Friendly Skies, Great Netherwing Egg Hunt (non-daily)
-Honored: Booterang: A Cure for the Common Worthless Peon, Picking up the Pieces, Dragons Are the Least of Our Problems
-Revered: Disrupting the Twilight Portal, Non-repeatable quests
-Exalted: The Greatest Trap Ever Laid

-Exalted: Mobs, quests, Obsidian Warbead turn-ins*

-Exalted: Mobs, quests, Obsidian Warbead turn-ins*
*Note that Consortium also takes warbeads, so it is "wasteful" to turn them in here until you are exalted with Consortium.

The Violet Eye
-Exalted: Karazhan, quests

Ashtongue Deathsworn
-Exalted: Black Temple

-Neutral: Quest chain "Speak with the Ogre"
-Honored: The Relic's Emanation (Daily), Wrangle Some Aether Rays, Bombing Run
-Exalted: All 3 above, plus Banish the Demons

Sha'tari Skyguard

-Exalted: World of Shadows, Fires Over Skettis, Escape from Skettis, Wrangle Some Aether Rays!, Bombing Run

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