Fastest Path to the Flag in Warsong Gulch

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In Warsong gulch, take the road which allows you the quickest path to the flag. Anytime you are approaching the opposing factions flag, taking the tunnel will prove much slower than if you road up and around. You are not only setting yourself closer to the flag when you dismount, but the little further that you did have to go mounted, allowed you to cross that short amount of extra space faster. Thus you will always beat someone that took the tunnel to the flag.

The tunnel is not a horrible choice to leave through. It is actually one of the most direct routes to leave and is the best choice for exiting. However if your team is fighting enemies there you might want to choose the other route. Just beware that anyone your team is killing will probably be respawning near the grave yard that you'll be passing seconds later when you take the non-tunnel path out. This exit works well if you have a few team mates following (or better yet, leading the way).

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