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One of the easiest ways to slow up your opposing teams approach is to to send out a group of 5-7 and have them stand at certain intervals between flags they need to reach. Especially in bottlenecked areas where there is only one way to pass through. Why? Because most are dumb and stop to attack them rather than running past and fighting on the flag. This works for both factions and really depends on the experience of the team

An additional safety net would be for 1 person to stay on the flag itself and/or for the front group to watch the flag to make sure no one does run past. A lot of flag checking will happen automatically if your strategic position forces you to pass said flag after resurrecting again.

Also, if you announce commands at the beginning of a game you should also be part of the group that does what you say! Commands are taken much easier when the commander is also the leader. Otherwise your own plan will more than likly fall to pieces.

The way to counter this would be to have the first person run past and drag the guards away. This is more or less optional as flag guards really don't cause much of a problem. Especially if you're putting some area attacks on nearby enemies. If you're a warlock, seeding here is critical to quickly infiltrating and destroying a defense. The key is having the majority (or all) or your party run to the flag and fight on it. Remember to use fears and other AOE effects.

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