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posted by: Matrix223

If you've ever toyed with the idea of getting rid of your World of Warcaft Account because you're not playing it as much you're probably not alone. The biggest question is you dont know if you'll ever want to come back to it some day but wont want to start from scratch. That would just be silly, especially if your /played reports you've spent anything over a month of your life in the game.

So, you should be aware, if you unsubsribe to the game (or simply stop payment), your characters will exist and should remain intact for about six months. After that time they may be deleted during weekly server maintenance.

There is a way to extend this period however. If you find you may be on leave for an extended period of time (up to one year). You can call blizzard and unsubsribe, but also mention you will be coming back to the game within a year. They will then put the account on HOLD for one year and your characters should remain safe.

If for whatever reason you cant get back to it in a year, you might need to do as said above in 6 or one year incriments. Pay for one month after 6 months (and you wont have to call) or pay for a month after one year and then call in again so you're good for another year. I've personally never had to do that but as far as I can tell they dont have any limit to it. Especially if you had been a regular subscriber for a year or more prior (though not necessary). 

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Daxter on April 12, 2008 - 5:41 pm
I had to do this once for three months. When I reactivated everything was as I had left it. Just a lot of catching up :).

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