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Bid Low Sell High! Pretty basic, yep? and you haven't tried it because its too daunting... What if it wasn't?! There are several techniques I use to increase my gold currency with the auction house.

Low Bidding
The first is simply to go to the auction house and search, but don't enter anything in. Sort by time left and specifically pick out the good buys. Again, kind of daunting. But this can be simplified.

Grab This ADDON HERE (AH_ShowBid)

This will quickly point out auctions that have an existing bid on them (What looked like a good deal for someone else is probably a great investment for you!).

(FREE version: WOW Econ) ADDON HERE

Another thing to make sure you have is the WOWEcon mod (link above - There is a paid version but you really don't need to buy it for the purposes we're explaining here). Double check with WOW Econ's price to check how great of a bargain you're looking at when you browse through the auction house quickly. If it looks promising do quick individual search on that item to make sure if you're still new to WOW's general market prices.

PLAYER NOTE: I particularly like going on the auction house when there will be minimal to NO competition to prevent constant bid wars.

  • Log on late (3-5am server time)
  • or BETTER YET log on at 12pm on Tue. (right after server maintenance)
  • Most people walk away from WOW during server downtime and don't get back on till late the next day. In addition you should be bidding on things Monday night around 3am (particularly on great deals that are at "Long" status or shorter. You are guaranteed the item!

    AH Time Time Alarm
    Very Long 24h - 8h 8h
    Long 8h - 2h 2h
    Medium 2h - 30m 30m
    Short 30m - 0 End
    Occasionally you find a great item that has an outrageous buyout and a rather LOW BID (which everyone seems to be bidding on). You also notice its time left at auction is "very long". Don't bid on it YET. That will just put the price higher then it needs to be since YOU will be getting it in the end. What do you do? Take note of the time and set an alarm! You can mathematically determine a close estimate of when the auction will be over if you check back often enough. I generally check every 30 minutes if I can when its in the "Long" phase. Finally, try and only bid between the middle and end phase of "Short".

    While I will never like the spam of emails I get in game, I am very passive about online sites that sell it. Especially BroGames.Com since they restrain from using spam as a tactic of selling their gold.

    For that purpose (since you need money to make money in this step, I would suggest buying there since its cheep and you should only have to do this once anyways. The amount you get is really determined on how quickly you want to gain on your investment. I would suggest between 100-200g. Especially if you're new to the game and don't have a higher leveled alternate character to use some of the later tactics.

    ANYTHING more then that is overkill (for those that really know what they're doing more can be helpful, but that would negate the point of this article!).

    PLAYER NOTE: Blizzard has banned 60,000 accounts for participating in the purchase of gold and suspended 200,000 more. They FILTER and FLAG accounts that receive and send large amounts of gold.

    One of the quickest ways - and biggest bang for your buck would be to pick up an official Gold Farming Guide

  • A quality guide such as this one will use completely legit methods of efficient gold farming by pointing out the BEST in game locations and commerce (auction house) opportunities.

  • Its ultimately cheaper then buying gold in the first place and involves little work.
  • My final tip for the auction house is my favorite. Have you ever noticed that some items DON'T COST A DEPOSIT!?!?! Invest, Invest, Invest. Watch the market with these items. DO NOT buy any for the first three days at least if you haven't had prior experience with the item. Look to see what the high/low price is on your server. A great example of an item like this are Nexus Crystals. And before the Burning Crusades came out I used to buy and resell Twilight Texts (drops in Silithus) - but that one is useless now and a deposit has been implemented on it since the expansion.

    While you're keeping an inventory on certain items keep these three things in mind:
    A. Try and find items with low to zero deposit fees that are "turn in" items for repeatable reputation quests (we're talking level 70 stuff).
    B. If you're new to the game, make your investments things that you could potentially use! Not all is lost if you make a mistake then.
    C. access the items potential in months to come. For example. If you find out a new boss in an instance everyone on the server is just beginning to fight, find out what resistances are needed to defeat that boss. Then make sure you buy items early on at low prices with that resistance and resell them in a week when even MORE people are discovering they NEED those items!

    TATACTIC: Look for the good bargains and then turn around and resell them. Even better yet, keep them for a week or two. (this is where having a little extra gold might help some). Continue to watch the item and when there are no good deals left and the market is over inflated, toss your goods up and underbid by ONLY 1 silver!

    PLAYER NOTE: While you might feel inclined to put them all up, if you know you'll be around in an hour or two, try to pace yourself. This mostly applies to items that have a deposit, but if your item doesn't, then it really wont matter much since you can cancel without penalty. Someone might be doing the same thing and then your out of luck for that whole day. If someone does put up a whole bunch just under yours you NOW have a chance to put up another few sets of the same item.

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