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Free MMORPG Games
Now is the best time to get into MMORPG's. There are a growing number of free (and pretty) MMORPGs to go around. Lets face it, its not 2000 anymore. Your options are plentiful. Anyone can be a gamer! So view the vidoes, popularity charts, and comparisons and pick a game to get into. Perhaps that will springboard your interests in MMORPGs or allow you to find a new one to try.

Quick Popularity Chart


  Website Release Date Access Paid Option
Runescape January 4th 2001 Web - 2D Java Yes
Flyff 3rd Quarter 2004 Client - 3D Yes(items)
Knight Online 1st Quarter 2004 Client - 3D Yes(enhancements)
Global MU Online 4th Quarter 2003 Client - 3D Yes(limits)
WarRock 4th Quarter 2005 Client - 3D Yes(enhancements)
Rakion 1st Quarter 2005 Client - 3D Yes(enhancements)
Conquer Online 1st Quarter 2004 Client - 2D Yes(items)

This is one of the most popular free MMORPG's. Its also been around for a while. The graphics are lacking, but if you can get past that and you like RPG style games then it shouldn't be hard to get into. Users range from the ten million free accounts and then one million paid member accounts. Andrew Gower created DeviousMUD in 1998 just before he renamed and rewrote most of the code which was then released as Runescape. The free play ability goes beyond other games which often cut you off or impose limits early on if you are not a paying member. Setting takes place in the realm of Gielinor. This is divided into multiple kingdoms, regions, and areas. There are many ways to travel to and from areas and each region contains different monsters, materials, and quests to challenge players. Among other things, you can trade, chat and co-op play through the game.


Flyff (short for Fly For Fun), was created by a Korean company Aeonsoft, a subsidiary of GALA Incorporated. Most of this game consists of a free-form flying world which players fly around on brooms and boards. Of course you can walk on land too, but that's no fun. You can fight while in the air and can be attacked by air as well. PvP and 120 level cap are among its features.

Knight Online
A few different companies host this game. Based on their own site you should be able to play the full game for free. Payment options range from bronze, silver, and gold plans BUT are only if you want enhancements like less penalties when dying or increased EXP rate. Two free expansions were released for this game as well which provided modifications to maps, upgrades, and a new level cap of 80. Four character classes available: Warrior, Rogue, Mage, and Priest. Each has their own skill sets that you can advance in. This MMORPG was ranked the 24th game in 2007 for market share and seems to have be on its way upwards. Payment options range from bronze, silver, and gold plans which are simple enhancements which will make gameplay easier.

A different type of MMO. More like MMOFPS. Game play is set in a civil war based environment where two teams use 21st century weaponry to battle it out in close combat, urban operations, or a battle group. Otherwise you can access just about everything a paying member can.

Global MU Online
I compare this game most closely to Diablo 2. There are several different monster types and a unique PvP system. Outside a duel, an attacked player will have a time limit to defeat his attacker while they cant do anything about it. An integrated "outlaw" status puts an interesting twist on the PvP system. Six different classes to choose from and many items available. This game has easy quests but leveling is a bit harder. Very nice graphics! Note: "New and existing users can play the first 4 maps of Global MU Online for free. They can go where they want to go do what they want to do for as long as they like in these maps. However, as a Free2Play™ user you will be restricted to level 60 or below. Players who have purchased a subscription will have access to all the content currently available in Global MU Online".

Remember Mortal Kombat? Thats the style of this MMORPG. A lot of versus matches. The five different game types are as follows: Stage, Team Deathmatch, Solo Deathmatch, Boss War, and Golem War. There is an option to pay for enhancements but most of what that has to offer is a shortcut to the top. All the common classes are there: Swordsmen, Archers, Mages, Blacksmiths, and Ninjas.

Conquer Online
Four classes to choose from: Trojan, Archer, Taoist and Warrior. The only thing you might want to pay for in this game are items referred to as Dragonballs. However, if you're just trying to get into a free game, need not fear. Dragonballs are more commonly purchased by high level players and are not a necessary part of gameplay otherwise. You can also sell various items you find to modify your character through the in-game mall. This is based on a points system. One of the most unique features is a Potency system which is a calculation of your character based on several different factors. This number can effect you in battle forcing players to make decisions wisely to keep an edge.


If you're looking for more free mmorpg's you can head on over to our partners topsites for a list of popular titles for 2d, 3d, and text based/web browser MMORPGs:

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