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MMORPGExposed Public Release
Posted By Matrix223 On 4-12-2008

Hello and welcome! We have officially launched this site to the public. Originally the plan was to develop a few more widgets before launch but since the content functions are working we see no reason why we cant release it now and continue our development in the background. Its all done offsite so there shouldnt be any bumps in this one. That said, "signup" and related pages are not working yet however they will be soon as we continue to add functionality.

We're building building this site completly from the ground up so we can easily provide features not commonly available on the rest of the interweb. :)

Thanks to everyone helping us with the initial staging and troubleshooting so far. We have some great plans in store. Watch this page for an update on new features, changes, and other news as we grow.

If you are interested in becoming a regular writer for content in any MMORPG for this site and earning income with it you can contact us by using the forms over at our big brother site